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Alright, new forums and new thread on GC soon.

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 1st set of DE rules.

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PostSubject: 1st set of DE rules.   Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:09 am

Updated: 4th of April 2009

Rules and Expectations

Main Line:
Guild members of Divine Essence.
These rules are a signed preposition from my side, basically stating where I stand and how I would like the guild to perform. Remember the guild is now going to start off being a bit stricter on certain matters. There will be awards that will have to do with ranking points and or privileges. Do not take action that is not needed. Brute force on a guild member from the leadership team is an offense as well. Respect is key in a family remember that.

All Members of Divine Essence:
We do have a ventrilo server open to guild members only. If a member wishes for someone to join the server, he/she must get all the Top Leaders to sign off on it. So please be wise about how you use ventrilo, this is a privilege given to us, don’t go and screw it up.

Recommended Software:
If you need help installing any of these add-ons, please ask either on the forums or in game(Grand Chase).

Ventrilo is a necessity over time, the guild chats and participates in many different ways through being able to listen and speak to each other. (Not having a microphone is okay) Basically you would want to listen in on any new updates.

Software Link:

. Download link is below the section [Client Programs] choose the program best equipped for your computer. I would say try out the [Windows i386- 32bit] version as it should not give you any trouble.
After download make sure to install in a folder of your liking, when done please inform the member who has given your qualification test, that you have successfully gotten ventrilo installed he/she will then inform you of your next steps.

Chat & Forum rules:
1. When on ventrilo, please check who is on, get to know your guild mates, possibly some words you say could be offensive. Remember to respect others, if someone starts to complain too much about the conversations being improper you will be questioned and then possibly warned. (point system is to be in effect soon)

2. In our vent we have a room for AFK; please if you decide to leave for any reason being that it has been reported to someone. (Just mentions to someone or everyone “AFK”) then move yourself into that room, if you go to eat, if you go to the restroom, if you go to your funeral, please tell us your going AFK. (BRB is still considered part of AFK, so again make sure to enter the AFK chat room)[AFK=”Away from keyboard”: BRB = “Be right back”]

3. A point system will be in effect soon, one in which points will be deducted based on how severe the offense. Not only will points be deducted for overly offensive behavior, but they will also be deducted if you happen to get on grand chase, but fail to get on ventrilo. Please check in with everyone, we always want to make sure your ok. Say hello at least.

4. Follow all forum rules, they apply here as well, again behavior can affect the point breakdown. A guild post will be opened up due to Divine Essences’ new appearance. When posting you could gain points, posting is also another way of showing up for the guild. A simple “hey how is everyone today…cont.” can net you some points or net you a check for not being absent. We do understand everyone has a life. DE will be a part of it. (your life)

5. Make sure to respect other guild members in the forums we understand some of them can or will want to start something let a leader handle that problem. Or try and resolve it with that person.

6. These rules have no exceptions more will be added as the guild starts to grow, from then on we will figure what actions we should take accordingly, Abide by these rules, your insubordination will not be tolerated.

Point System

The purpose of the following is to create a fair chance in who stays and who goes. We shall try and avoid picking sides and having someone be the red headed step child. We the team leaders will monitor points accurately so that no confusion can happen.

Enjoy the new guild Divine Essence.

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1st set of DE rules.
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